Floral & Wreath Designer


I am a Wreath & Floral Designer and now I'm specializing in beauty care.

I am a Florist and a skin care & hair care specialist and my business is located in Virginia Beach, VA, I Design a wide rage of wreath's and floral arrangements for any occasion, Baby Shower, Weddings, Mother's Day, NFL Teams, and many more, All my flower's are Artificial and Real Touch, I also use Deco Mesh on most of my NFL and Baby Shower Wreath's and College Wreath's as well. And lotions, facial oils, body butter, sugar scrub, hair growth oil, wig & weave care as well.

Wig & Weave Hair Care


Check Out My Beautiful Wreath & Floral Design Gallery! With More Beautiful Décor! And My Newest Babe! Body & Hair Care! Thank You!


As a Florist, I love what I do!

and because of this, I hand craft and individually style each and every wreath and floral arrangement for my clients

-Nancy Barnes